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The Inspired Selling Podcast is a show for SME’s and Sales People who are selling to bigger businesses and want to make more sales by giving the client what they REALLY want!
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Oct 2, 2018

Mark Ponsford says “The #1 absolutely essential thing without any doubt at all is don't fanny around with the small stuff. Really get on, don't worry about your logo because you're going to do that logo again six months you're not even going to look at it again and if you are looking at it, then business is probably gonna go bust. Get out there, every single day and sell.”

Sep 10, 2018

The phrase “The Buyer's Journey” actually leads to the impression that we stop this journey when a deal has been closed so Tamara Schenk prefers to call it a customer's journey or the customer's path because it extends beyond the sale.

Aug 20, 2018

Michael Sinnhuber is the king of Presentations. He helps people to stand out in a world of boring presentations. He’s helped people to win the game of presentations and sales and in turn has helped entrepreneurs and B2B businesses over the last years to win six, seven, and eight figure deals simply by designing and creating these unboring presentations and communications.

Jul 30, 2018

Does fear stop you from selling to the “C” Suite executives? It’s time to reframe your thinking and start reaching high to shorten your sales cycle and increase your success rate.

Jul 13, 2018

Do you find conflict, misunderstanding, lack of efficiency and production because your colleagues don’t understand each other. Adair Good will explain why and what to do about it.

Jun 24, 2018

The brutal fact is the number one reason for failure in sales is an empty pipeline and the root cause of an empty pipeline is the failure to consistently prospect.

Jun 10, 2018

Roger Edwards is a marketing expert who keeps the jargon, complexity and confusion out of marketing communications. He helps his clients create SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD messages that get read, understood and acted upon.

May 27, 2018

If you want to be successful on Twitter, you need to start from knowing what you are about and you need to know who your customers are. They can't be anybody from a 6-month-old to 92 year old, as I've heard people say. It’s being very clear about who is your ideal customer and knowing how they tick and where they are likely to be.

May 17, 2018

A lot of the people are either ill-informed or irritated by selling because it's the negative stereotype of the devious, dubious and the disparate that gets in the way of them truly embracing and taking on this concept.When you harness all the skills and capabilities that go with selling, you can actually do great things.

May 7, 2018

You think you could never use video as part of your marketing strategy, then think again.

As Sue Ferreira said, “It’s mandatory”!  Sue is 71 and after 40 years as an anaesthetist she is now teaching people how to become visible using video.  She has over 100 video on You Tube and is now a sought after speaker……If Sue can, you can!

Apr 27, 2018

I'm going to introduce you to Adrianne Carter who is instrumental in developing cutting edge research methodology to gain insights into emotion and behaviour in the last twelve years.She uses techniques to go beyond what people say or can’t verbalise to get to what they really feel or know.

Apr 9, 2018

Most business owners don't prepare sufficiently for the sale of their business. To get a premium price for a business you actually need to start sometimes two to three years in advance, preparing your business, ironing out the wrinkles, making it saleable long before you take it to market to try and sell it.

Apr 1, 2018

Leadership is about encouraging and developing people to strive to go beyond what their normal expectations would be. Leaders needs to know their place in their team and think “we” and not “me”.


Mar 16, 2018

Gavin Bell is 24 years old and is a sought-after speaker, keynoting around the world. He has had articles published in Huffington Post,, He tells us how he uses Linkedin, Facebook and Content (blogs/vlogs/video) and some other great strategies to raise his profile and become the influencer he is today……at 24 years old!

Feb 26, 2018

Look at how you buy things today and then look at your business, your sales and marketing team and ask yourself; “Are we communicating in a way that helps consumers to make buying decisions, to take action to make improvements in their businesses?”

Feb 9, 2018

Many business owners think they just need to make more sales to grow their business but this is a myth……It is one way, but knowing the critical numbers in your business and taking action to make improvements, profits can increase without more sales or more work.

Jan 29, 2018

Why you should consider affiliate marketing, often known as partnership marketing, is because you're only paying commission once you know that customer has paid and become a registered customer of yours.

Jan 16, 2018

The fact is, your prospects – and by prospects I mean those people and companies who are in your territory and where you aren’t actively involved with them – aren’t judging you on the quality of your web site, or the content of your white papers and case studies, or your social media strategy, or your content marketing.

The terrifying truth is:

“Your prospects aren’t thinking about you at all!”

For all they care, you may as well not exist. They’re far too busy thinking about themselves.

Dec 9, 2017
Too many sales people or entrepreneurs avoid wanting to be seen or addressed as a sales person. Selling is giving and I hear a lot of people writing on their profile…describing their role, and the word sales or sell isn't there. Its account manager, account executive you know all sorts of things without the word sales. I am so proud of being a salesperson…Find out why!
Nov 28, 2017

What it takes to succeed today in selling is blending old school and new school together. You know there's this amazing paradox in selling at the moment in that it is never been easier to sell on one hand and yet there's never been a higher failure rate for sellers in B2B selling in the history of the world.

Nov 10, 2017

Technology is going to transform our lives and businesses within 18 months……Yes, 18 months and we must be ready and prepared to change and adapt.

Nov 3, 2017
He is going to share his story with us as to how he went from mainstream to selling more of the complex B2B sales. He’s going to share the challenges that he had on the way and some of the mistakes he found that he was making himself and more importantly he's going to share how to overcome those challenges and how to avoid those mistakes so that you can become more of a successful entrepreneur and business person or sales person just like George. 
Aug 29, 2017

unique bespoke service in re-purposing content for busy entrepreneurs saving them time and helping them to increase their reach and generate more sales which of course is what we all want.

Aug 12, 2017

Today I have got the most amazing guest who is going to talk to us some more about that very subject. I would like to introduce you to Mark Schaefer and I will just give you a little bit of context around Mark.

As a business owner or sales person who sells to bigger businesses, it is becoming much harder to stand out from competitors and to become known as the trusted expert. Listen to this interview and find out exactly how to do that and have clients coming to you!
Let’s know, in the comments below, about the content you create to become Known
Aug 3, 2017

Rosie is a business automation strategist who helps entrepreneurs to run a thriving business, save time and serve more clients.

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